Sept 20-22, 2019

Morro Bay Family Camping Trip- 7th grade JAMS science students

Science Magnet Family Campout at Morro Bay- please click below for campsite information:

The Science Magnet offers family campouts to Morro Bay (7th grade students) and Joshua Tree (8th grade students).  You'll be able to meet other Magnet families, while your 7th grade student can earn up to two seminar credits.  Students camp with their families and with other JAMS families while teachers provide instruction and group meeting places. You are responsible for providing your own tent/food/lodging, and for transporting/supervising your children.  NOTE:  This is a family camping trip- parents are responsible for their children at all times.  This weekend is for students that want to participate in teacher led events.  If your family does not want to join in on the magnet activities, please make camping arrangements for another weekend!!

Updated information is on the page above.


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