February Newsletter


Dear Science Magnet Community,

Administration and parents continue to be on high alert regarding the diminishing norovirus outbreak, and the good news is, the numbers are very low thanks to the extra cleaning and limiting of extracurricular activities in order to minimize contact. 

Thanks for your diligence, commitment, and understanding as we get back to "normal."

Seminar sheets have gone out and are due on Friday, 2/17.  Seminars do not fall into the activity that is banned by LA County. We have a lot of new seminars this round... it is exciting! 

  • Urban farming 
  • 3-D printing at the Fairview Library
  • Ballona Wetlands 
  • SMC chemistry lab for 8th graders on a Saturday

Calendar Items:


-As of now, the Science Magnet family camping trip to Joshua Tree is still on for 2/24-2/26. Thanks to past fundraising efforts and your support, our latest addition to Science Magnet equipment - a Celestron CPC 1100 StarBright XLS computerized telescope will be unveiled on this trip!-The next Science Magnet Board meeting which is open to all science magnet parents will be 2/27 at 6:30 in room 70. Agenda for the meeting.

-Ms. Levin will be conducting Science Magnet Outreach Presentations to 5th grade JAMS pathway classes on the following dates:

2/28 - 9am Rogers

3/8 - 8:45am Muir

3/9 - 9am Grant

3/13 - 1:30pm Edison

-Japan Trip Parent Meeting will be March 1st at 6:30 in room 23

-The 8th-grade Astrocamp trip has luckily been rescheduled to 5/5-5/8. Make sure to thank teacher Kristin Jurewicz and Principal Steve Richardson for their efforts. We also need to pay it forward because other schools moved their Astrocamp dates around in order to accommodate us.


WELCOME OUR NEW SCIENCE TEACHER MICHELLE MATHIS - While Ms. Kapasi is out on leave, Ms. Mathias joins our science teaching staff. Before JAMS, Ms. Mathis was a science teacher at Bancroft Middle School in Long Beach. She majored in Neuroscience and Psychology at Smith College. Born and raised in Southern California she loves the outdoors. Ms. Mathis loves that science connects our lives to every living and non-living thing around us. Science is in everything we do and the process of science is objective and allows for logical and reasonable ways to answer questions and address uncertainties. In a growing and changing world, thoughts and ideas will always be subject to revision and science inquiry allows a way to address new findings and predictions without bias. Stop by Room 52 and say hello.