Yosemite 7th Grade Trip Info


Sunday, January 21st at 7:30 am

Busses will arrive at JAMS on Pearl St.

Please do not park on Pearl Street in front of the school
where the buses will be parking.

You must bring these two items (completed) with you : 
Packing Checklist English/Spanish 
Medication Form English/Spanish

Remind Info
Text @yosemite to (714) 656-3130 or go to

Yosemite Groups (subject to change)

Guidelines from the School Nurse English/Spanish

Friday, January 26th

Busses will return at JAMS on Pearl St.
in the late afternoon / early evening

(exact time TBD, check REMIND for updated info)



Wear comfortable clothes.  Hiking gear is not necessary.  Have some warm clothes (i.e. jacket, hats, gloves) in your backpack.  When we get off the bus in Yosemite it will be cold.  You will have to stand outside for some time waiting for instructions and for your keys. You will not be hiking as soon as you get off the bus. However, you may have a night hike on our arrival day after dinner.  Students will have time to change into appropriate attire. If student experiences motion sickness, please indicate on the medication form that they can take Dramamine.

Absolutely no student cell phones or texting/emailing devices are allowed. Students are allowed to bring a camera as long as it is not part of another device that can make calls or text. Gameboys and mp3 players with no internet/game capability are okay on the bus only. If they are being used outside of the bus they will be confiscated. It is a good idea to put your name on everything you bring.

In Yosemite Valley, students will be staying at Half Dome Village. There will be 4 students to a tent.  Students will need a sleeping bag and pillow.

Bathroom facilities are centrally located near the tents in Curry Village.  Students will have time to shower during their breaks (i.e. before dinner or before breakfast).  Students will not be permitted to walk around with wet hair.  We suggest you bring a shower cap or hair tie to keep your hair dry in the shower.

Students will be eating in the mess hall (cafeteria style) at Half Dome Village. Please note any special dietary needs on the medical forms: vegetarian, allergies, etc. 

A normal school backpack (NO side satchels please) that has been made water resistant (w/ Scotch Guard or water resistant product) is adequate.  Students need enough room for a small journal (provided, but bring a gallon zip lock bag for it), pencils (no pens please….they freeze), water (2 reusable water bottles – 24oz. minimum), camera (optional), hats/gloves, sunscreen, sunglasses, flashlight w/ batteries, small snacks (for bus ride – NO CANDY), few hand wipes, trash bag (we leave no trace), bandana (crumb catcher), warm jacket, and wallet (for lunches to and from Yosemite). 

Please do not pack using garbage bags.  They tear easily.  If your suitcase/duffel is not waterproof, you may want to line it with a garbage bag to keep everything dry.  Spraying your suitcase with water resistant products may also be helpful.  Remember: you carry what you bring.  Only bring what is absolutely necessary!

MEDICATIONS (prescription and non-prescription)
All students must hand their chaperone any medications they are bringing to Yosemite. All medication needs to be in its original container and placed in a plastic zip-lock bag with instructions explaining when and how to dispense the medication on the “Medication Information Form”.  You should also mark/list any over the counter medications your child has permission to take in the event of injury or illness on this form. The form must be signed at the bottom giving permission to chaperones/teachers to dispense medication to your child. If a student has an inhaler for asthma or an Epipen, they keep those with them. These should be noted on the medication form. We will give Dramamine to them before we get to the mountainous part of the ride to and from Yosemite.

Rundown on our emergency operation plans

Yosemite Valley (elevation approx. 4,000 ft):
A full-service outpatient medical facility is located in Yosemite Valley. A car (with chains) is available to transport any student or chaperone to the clinic if needed.  An extensive first aid kit is available at this site as well. Cell phone and regular phones are available for emergency use.

NatureBridge educators (from website)
All NatureBridge educators have Wilderness First Responder certification and a “passion about teaching, youth, and the environment. The field science educators, along with support from attending chaperones, supervise children in groups during the day. Attending chaperones -- parents, teachers, and school administrators -- are responsible for participant safety and security at all times but especially during non-programming times in the shared public areas of Yosemite Valley (between 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. (recreation time and dinner), and between 8:45 p.m. and 8:30 a.m. (after evening program to morning meeting). 

If there is a medical emergency in the field, our field educators at the scene will administer appropriate medical care until professional medics arrive. They are able to use their cell phones to dial 911 from most areas in the park in case of life-threatening emergencies; National Park Service staff will respond. There is a medical clinic in Yosemite Valley. The clinic staff treat minor injuries and illnesses; anything more severe requires the patient be transported to an area hospital. Registration and medical forms for all participants are kept on file at the clinic. Parent or guardians listed as emergency contacts on the medical registration form will be notified by an attending adult chaperone or a medical professional in the event of an injury requiring medical treatment.

Important: There is no infirmary for your child to stay in if he/she is running a fever or experiencing other symptoms of illness. If your child comes down with an illness and is not able to participate in the program or is contagious, you will be required to come and pick him/her up. It’s a 6-hour drive each way. We will do everything in our power to make sure everyone stays healthy, but kids do occasionally get sick and we need you to be aware of the requirements. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter should the occasion arise. 

Please send any questions to board@jamssciencemagnet.org



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