Yosemite Trip is on as planned!

Great News!

The trip is on as planned and has been confirmed by Mr. Richardson this morning.

An update on the potential government shutdown and its impact on programming from NatureBridge.

If a government shutdown occurs, we have confirmed with the National Park Service that NatureBridge programs will be allowed to continue as planned.


Entrance gates to the park will remain open

Yosemite Hospitality will remain open, providing NatureBridge with access to Half Dome Village and its amenities, including the shuttle bus system and ground transportation

Emergency medical services--including the Yosemite Medical Clinic--will remain open and available

Law enforcement rangers and park dispatch will remain on staff

If there is snow, roads will be plowed for egress and safety

NatureBridge will have continued access to the Crane Flat campus

While NatureBridge programs will continue largely uninterrupted, we appreciate your flexibility as our teams navigate the unknown potential parkwide impacts of a shutdown.

All of us at NatureBridge remain extremely optimistic, and as always we are eager to share the magic of Yosemite with your students and staff.


Tony Ebstein, Operations Manager
Yosemite NatureBridge


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